Telescopium Beryl Marjorie
Beryl Westlands
Heather & Marge
Heather various
Ian Malindi Bay
Alexander Stuart Rooken-Smith
St Peter's 22.3.1952
Westlands, Kamau who is the Kikuyu syce standing in front & children
Pong Malindi
Mount Kenya 1965, my photo
Dr Neil Hudson Aggett died 5.2.1982 SA
Major Hudson Boyce Aggett died 12.2.1944 Khedive Ismail
Anchorage House
Marge & Harold
My father, Lionel Carol, WWI Royal Navy
Lionel Carol, WWI Royal Irish Rifles
Lionel Carol, WWI Black Watch
Lionel Carol, Hilton 1st 15 Rugby 1912 (back 2nd from L)
Lionel Carol WWI medals (WWII medals with Mrs Chandler)
Ian's father, William Alexander
Ian's mother, Caroline (Mater)
Lake Rudolf, dead croc
Ken my brother & wife Jean Griffin 1962
Ken (KC) Griffin, WWII & Kenya Emergency (2 on R) medals
Ken (KC) Griffin, my brother, WWII Sgt 14th Army
Lt. 'Lucky' Neville Griffin. 53 Com. My eldest brother with Mobuto. Congo 1960's
Daisy before she became ill
Daisy, letter re my brother Terry's death WWII
Kambingana Fish
Bride Heather 22.3.1952
Stuart's Driver's Licence pic.
Twiga, dairy manager, Westlands
DD34. Malindi Abdu's farewell for us
Heather & children Westlands
AGSM 1952-56 KR4687 Pte. I Rooken-Smith Kenya Regt
Ian's 1962 Farmer's Weekly Medal Eldoret Kenya
Ian's Farmer's Weekly medal & cup, he was too shy, sent Heather
Ian Westlands various
Kambingana Benjamin & our grandchildren
Kambingana Heather & fantail pigeons
Kambingana staff & cattle
Kambingana Vi's 80th birthday
Kambingana Andrew & !Xai, Maria & Theresa
Kambingana, old Munde & Jeremiah
Beryl & Keith SWA Namibia
Brother Terry (TO) Griffin's WWII medals
Caprivi, Mary + Keith, safari guests & staff
Mrs Bonadei & Pammy Kambingana
My father, Lionel Carol Griffin's Birth Cert
My father, Lionel Carol's MID 23 June 1942
Kenya Regiment
My father, Lionel Carol's gravestone
My father Lionel Carol, WWII EAASC as a Captain
Nephew Terry (TH) Griffin Captain later Major Rhodesian Army
Nephew Terry (TH) Griffin's Rhodesia medals (Ken's son)
Kambingana House Interior
Keith's 2015 drone pic, Ian's straight road Angola fazenda 1974
Pumzika Willowmore SA, Mr Flycatcher on nest
Heather & Franz Josef Nachtsheim 5.6.2015 Caprivi
Kambingana Ian's yellow buggy
Malindi & Westlands
Malindi Various
Westlands Kamau & Asha
Camping & fishing, grandchildren
Angola Keith, Humpy, staff
Lake Rudolf & Westlands
Squiggy Oct 2016
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