Heather Rooken-Smith


As I’ve wandered down the corridors of time in writing ‘Daisy’s Daughter, Our Lives for Africa’, my heart and mind have come alive, often in melancholy mood with tears at the amazing memories my late husband, Ian, and I shared in our extraordinary life. We’ve traversed half of the southern part of this continent together from the equator in East Africa, Kenya, down to Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), war torn Angola, South West Africa (Namibia), and what is now known as Nelson Mandela’s Rainbow Nation of South Africa.

These pages reiterate for me the extent to which I value and hold so dear my life with Ian an honourable, brave man who walked beside me in faith and unending spirit of hope no matter what we faced, always putting his family first, whilst dedicating his talents and abilities towards helping carve segments of this continent he loved so much and in which he believed.

To my family, friends and animals that have gone before me, and to those who still share their lives with me, your many gifts of unending kindness, love and support through the years remain with me always. In sincerity and gratitude, from my heart, thank you.