Heather Rooken-Smith


I wish to thank the following folk for their kind contribution or assistance with completing ‘Daisy’s Daughter, Our Lives for Africa’, and would like to acknowledge as well the support of friends and family around the world, too many to mention by name though just as much appreciated, who’ve had faith in my abilities and constantly encouraged me to finish writing my story. It has been a challenge of some years and a goal achieved – my love and sincere gratitude to you all.

William Alexander Rooken-Smith (posthumously)
(8.11.1854 – 18.10.1948) for his poems and riveting stories

Our beloved son, Alexander Stuart Rooken-Smith (posthumously)
(3.12.1960 – 8.1.1979) like his Grandfather, William,
also for his wonderful story & poems

Team Daisy
In acknowledgement of my fellow Team Daisy members
for their unwavering dedication & commitment:
Lindsay Rooken-Smith Jenions, Helen Priest,
Diane van der Westhuizen, Bruno Bernabei & Les Stephenson

Lindsay Rooken-Smith Jenions, South Africa, Managing Editor
our daughter, my thanks for her assistance, poems
& book cover design

Helen Priest, Namibia, Associate Editor

Diane van der Westhuizen, South Africa
Book cover design & typography, layout & photo formatting

Bruno Bernabei, Italy
Proofreader & contributor (San Marco Equatorial Range, Kenya)

Les Stephenson, South Africa
Consultant Editor

Karen Laurence-Rowe, Kenya
for her stunning ‘Wally warthog & Tootsie-Wootsie
porcupine’ book cover painting

Bruce Rooken-Smith, South Africa, my nephew
for his beautifully written Foreword

Keith & Mary Rooken-Smith, Caprivi, Namibia, our children
for standing with us through troubled Angola & tough Namibia days

Edward Webber, Thailand
for his assistance with Beryl’s Chapter

Terry Griffin, South Africa, my nephew
for assistance with info regarding my father, Lionel Carol

Donald Rooken-Smith, Florida, USA, my nephew
for info regarding William Alexander Rooken-Smith

Stan Ulyate, New Zealand & Bruce Rooken-Smith, South Africa
for their exceptional work on our Family History

Patsy & Roger Witchell, UK
for info & photos regarding my father & his wife, Emily

Robin & John Channer, Australia
Les Stephenson, South Africa & John Davis, UK
for their kind words on the back cover of ‘Daisy’s Daughter’

Brian Jenions, South Africa
for scanning my pics & papers

Debbie Rooken-Smith, UK, our granddaughter
for her Mt Kenya Notelet + Keith & Wally Map

Kathryn van der Mescht, South Africa, our granddaughter
for her Africa Map

Franz Josef Nachtsheim & Johann August Ginkel, Germany
our Angola farming friends, for information regarding Angola

Sidney Dyer, Australia
for his grandfather, Frank Smith’s, lioness story

Tony Case, Australia
Shel Arensen, Kenya
Robin Hurt, Namibia
Hieda Silva, Portugal
Philip Koen, South Africa
Nelson Benedito, South Africa
Dereck Rooken-Smith, Australia
Brien Rooken-Smith, South Africa
Grace Wairimu Mukui, Kenya/USA
Manasseh Mankuleiyo, Kenya/USA
Michael Rooken-Smith, South Africa
David Lovatt-Smith (posthumously), UK
Peter Smith (posthumously), South Africa
Stephen Spawls, Kenya Reptile Atlas, Kenya
George Edward Aggett (posthumously), Kenya
Marge Rooken-Smith (posthumously), South Africa
Nicholas Makutsa – Red Cross Association, Nairobi, Kenya

I would like to express appreciation to Wikipedia for the free internet educational tool & reference guide it provides & sincerely thank all who contribute their knowledge & expertise to its success.